Posted in Updates on Friday 28th May 2004 at 10:29pm

This week has flown by. Work has been hectic, but largely positive. I'm seeing progress on almost all sides right now, and generally the newly reconstituted team seems to be working well together. As appeal season approaches, I think we're doing pretty well in terms of staying on top of things too - a major improvement on last year, when chaos reigned!

After some minor drama and rather unusual (for me) sunburn at the start of the week, I settled into trying get stuff done. Another fruitful and encouraging meeting with colleagues from our software suppliers, and a really positive talk with someone who has pretty much taken back control of some aspects of life on Thursday, which made me feel happier about my lot too as a side-effect!

Today I noted that the programme for the Literary London Conference in July has been published. Lots of interest there. Lots to get through before that of course! So, for this Bank Holiday I'm planning some haulage, and hopefully a chance to see my nephew.


Posted in Updates on Sunday 23rd May 2004 at 11:01pm

Strange, hot and tense afternoon and evening. There was definitely a Tenessee Williams quality to today. Things turn, unexpectedly on a sixpence. My friends amaze and astound me. My own frankness and honesty surprises me. The weather reflects the oppressive weight of events.

Sometimes, its possible to forget you're in Weston.


Posted in Updates on Monday 17th May 2004 at 7:45pm

Spent much of today with our software supplier, looking at the new features which will enable us to coordinate school admissions with other Local Education Authorities. In fact, today was pretty successful - achieved more than we'd hoped, and actually got the bare bones of a Primary Offer Scheme working which reflects our policy, doesn't mess with Voluntary Aided schools, and produces the expected results when things are oversubscribed. Felt good to see it working after much talking about it in the past! Need to work out how to manually enter the ranking for the VA offers now, then on to the slightly more complicated Secondary School scheme. We also need to test it with something a little more substantial than the contrived little situation we set up today, but indications are that we are on the right track.

I've also hopefully also secured a day off in the week to use the last day of my Wessex Rover, but I'm loathe to commit that to print, as nothing is certain yet.

After work, met a friend for a pleasant drink and some catching up. I think for me in my rather insular little life, its easy to forget how important people are. Felt really good to talk about all kinds of random things. Was also able to share some tentative good news on my nephew too, who seems to be making excellent progress, and may even be home later this week! My sister sends regular and welcome SMS messages with weight gains, milestones passed. He's made such incredible progress in such a short time. Inspiring stuff.

Pleasant walk home in the evening sunshine afterwards too. A good day, all in all.


Posted in Updates on Friday 14th May 2004 at 10:49pm

Probably the worst break-through hayfever symptoms of the year today, and at 22:50 ish its still pretty warm. Summer, I think, is here.

Appraisal Day at work. Always interesting, sometimes feared, but generally a good chance to talk about what's gone on, what's planned and get a bit of feedback on how you fit into the world at large. This year's appraisal came at the end of what's been an inexplicably difficult week. I've certainly not been firing on all cylinders. All pretty positive however. On coming back to the office, found people canvassing for pizza orders, had a very greedy and pleasant lunch. Spent the afternoon mopping up some vacant places at our most heavily oversubscribed schools. Always an interesting task.

Fully intended to get a haircut too - but the barbers' shop was either closed or busy everytime I passed.

So, the weekend beckons. Had thought about a wander around London and some church sites, but I'm also tempted by some unusual workings connected to additional Rugby trains to Cardiff tomorrow.



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