Posted in Updates on Thursday 16th September 2004 at 9:11pm

Central Ward Town Council by-election day. Since the local parties have only one ward to fight we have suffered a weight of leaflets in the past few weeks. Several independents standing, but on reasonably typical single issues - rights for senior citizens (and the Town Council can influence this how?), hunting (in Weston?), asylum seekers and Weston's drug-treatment centre overload. Much as I'd like to vote Independent in a local contest, they all filled me with a weird empty dread which made me want to renounce democracy once and for all! Fun surprise of the day was the chance to vote for one Richard Whittington - now if only we elected a Lord Mayor here in Weston!

I spoke to a visiting Tory (the prospective parliamentary candidate for Bristol South no less) who was out knocking up on my way home. He mentioned a very poor turnout - perhaps 18-19%. The Town Council was unpopular in some quarters when it was proposed, and the tiny non-event of a single ward electing barely registers on most people's radar. I wonder whether the results will get posted anywhere?

Spent much of the day at work trying desperately to tie-up loose ends in anticipation of some much needed leave next week. Managed quite a bit of useful work in some ways, and banged my head against the system for a while too. Fear the worst for the next few months. I can't help feeling people seem to have stopped thinking in favour of a sort of random running-about behaviour! Also spent quite a bit of the morning chasing lost train tickets, which were apparently mailed out in early August but have never shown up. Local station came through with replacements, luckily

Then it all started to add up. I'd reported a replacement credit card undelivered a couple of weeks back, which had apparently been posted around the same time. Today I discovered some very strange transactions on my account which fell on the very day I reported the card not received. Bank were fantastic, helpful, understanding and efficient. Decided once and for all to report my suspicions regarding the post here to the Police. They were however a little less easy to deal with. Only when I misheard a question and gave a patently absurd answer did the woman at the other end of the phone start laughing and become more human. All-in-all a very strange and rather awkward process to report the problem.

Off to London tomorrow for the Open House weekend among other things.


Posted in Updates on Sunday 5th September 2004 at 9:46pm

Well, now summer really is over! Just watched the final 'Torbay Express' of the year depart behind 5051 'Earl Bathurst'. Noisy and smoky start from Weston, with none of the wheel slip and fuss of 'Union of South Africa'. Good to see a Great Western locomotive back on duty.

Briefly headed out this morning, not much of note. A Voyager trip to Cheltenham where the unfortunate guard seemed to have more passengers refusing to pay than genuine ticketholders! Then to Gloucester, and a worrying lack of inspiration in the bookshop. Back to Bristol on what appeared to be a diverted Cardiff-Salisbury service - hadn't noted a planned tunnel closure.

The equinoctial feeling brought on by the railway timetable changes got me thinking about the next few months - plans include a weekend in London for the Open House Weekend, the Delgados show and the LAMAS conference on the history of St. Paul's Cathedral. I've also planned a week off for what could be an 'All-Line Rover' jaunt. Its important to have things to look forward to, I suppose.

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Posted in Updates on Saturday 28th August 2004 at 11:28pm

Despite arriving home tonight to scenes of disturbance on the station, despite even seeing tides of already semi-inebriated youths heading for town on my walk home, I had a strange urge to get out and about tonight.

So, after the decidedly nerdy and antisocial activities of adding up my mileage and updating my move book, I set out to wander in Weston. I wasn't disappointed by the experience. Not a hundred yards from my door I was offered my first fight by a young Welshman, urging me to insult his friend so that they could "take my head off" - naturally I declined.

Into town, and it got worse - as I passed the front of one public house a number of utterly incapacitated young women were ejected, falling in a heap on the pavement. I politely stepped around them. I immediately changed course, swung into back streets and thought about visiting one of the few bearable pubs remaining in town. I haven't actually socialised in Weston in months, and I'm not sure what made me think of it now. I suppose it has been a long and strange week...

In the end, after the truly odd walk out, I couldn't bear the thought of even a decent pub. Even being hailed by a friend who spotted me passing by couldn't persuade me otherwise, and I turned for home with some relief.

I'm not sure where my oddly Victorian view of the world has come from. I'm not prudish, and I normally take a decidedly liberal view of life - however, Weston in the summer takes it's toll on all of us residents, it seems.

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Posted in Updates on Tuesday 24th August 2004 at 11:28pm

I am proud to announce the Annual #Lemmings SCO Acronym Contest.

The rules are simple - supply an acronym which will contextually fit the sentence:

Otherwise you are left with SCO

replacing the initials SCO with your choice of acronym.

I will be the final arbiter of what is the winning acronym, and people with a working knowledge of my warped sense of humour have a considerable head start.

The prize is nothing more than the respect and admiration of your fellow #lemmings, and perhaps a mystery gift mailed to you from the United Kindgom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The closing date for entries is midnight BST on 8th September 2004. Entries can be mailed to or bandied about wildly on #lemmings on

Lemmings-3.1 the popular all-purpose XChat script is still available.



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