Posted in Computers on Saturday 15th November 2003 at 7:16pm

Finally gave in and purchased a Radeon 9200, in order to move the old nVidia card over to machine #2, which slowly takes shape.

I've spent the last two frustrating afternoons trying to make it work properly. Well, it actually 'works' fine, but when attached to the LCD panel, there are strange vertical ghosts. Finally, after resorting to my old 14" Dell monitor for testing, I've established its more likely some strange unhappiness between card and LCD panel.

As for a solution, not sure - new cables, DVI adaptors etc. have all been mentioned. Sounds like its going to be even more expensive than I thought...

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Posted in Computers on Thursday 23rd October 2003 at 8:15pm

The new GtkFileChooser landed in CVS. Tried it out. So far it seems pretty solid, and a huge improvement. No doubt it won't be quite what some people want, but it appears to be scalable, extensible and flexible - three major improvements on the old model!


Posted in Computers on Sunday 21st September 2003 at 1:25pm

Ten days or so of GNOME 2.4.0 have just been too stable for me! In an effort to correct this I messed around with GTK+ 2.3, which left me pretty much stumped and non-functional for a few hours until I figured out what was going on. Reverted, speedily. Also built the 'nautilus-spatial-playground' branch, which seems very usable. I'm not sure I understand completely the rationale, but it's comfortable to use.


Posted in Computers on Thursday 11th September 2003 at 10:45pm

So, GNOME 2.4.0 is out. Exciting times indeed. Using 2.3.x from CVS has been pleasant and uneventful all along, so not many surprises. The great thing is how its all come together on time, with sane discussion of troubles along the way rather than the flamewars of old.

Celebrated by installing Mozilla 1.5b and compiling both Epiphany 1.0 and Denzil to match.

Looking forward to 2.5...



I've had a home on the web for more years than I care to remember, and a few kind souls persuade me it's worth persisting with keeping it updated. This current incarnation of the site is centred around the blog posts which began back in 1999 as 'the daylog' and continued through my travels and tribulations during the following years.

I don't get out and about nearly as much these days, but I do try to record significant events and trips for posterity. You may also have arrived here by following the trail to my former music blog Songs Heard On Fast Trains. That content is preserved here too.

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