Posted in Updates on Thursday 21st June 2001 at 12:00am

Still no news from the DSS - particularly about Housing Benefit most worryingly. Summer Solstice - supposedly a time of great astrological upheaval. We'll see - it would take something of planetary proportions to make something interesting happen here I think! Not much happening hacking-wise either.


Posted in Updates on Wednesday 20th June 2001 at 12:00am

A really bloody irritating day. Woke up way to early after not enough sleep. Tried to do useful things but couldn't make arm comfortable. Read lots during the day, but this was equally uncomfortable. Cheered up by one of my favourite movies ("Witness for the Prosecution") being on TV. Perhaps I just can't get used to normality after the drama of the past few months?


Posted in Updates on Monday 18th June 2001 at 12:00am

Bit the bullet and went to clear my desk today. Turned into a high-speed Linux tutorial/advocacy session, as I handed over the server which formerly sat next to my desk. Picked up new Belle and Sebastian single - at last "The Loneliness of a Middle Distance Runner" gets released! Later stepped in as part of an emergency barbecue rescue team - and all went well (in terms of the emergency and the barbecue!). Today would have been the first day of my new job had I not broken my arm. This just makes me feel more frustrated than ever. Limited coffee making facilities restored.


Posted in Updates on Sunday 17th June 2001 at 12:00am

A really odd weekend - and not just for me it seems. Got some 'proof of concept' hacking done on a site search tool for the secret project (the idea of being involved in something that might one day make money is very odd to me!), but its dog slow and not quite what I wanted. Some lessons in dressmaking leave me intrigued by an 'overlocker' which appears to be a quite formidable machine. Today was just plain weird. Alarmingly, just minutes after the shops closed I managed to break the one remaining means of making coffee in the's going to be a worrying 24 hours.



I've had a home on the web for more years than I care to remember, and a few kind souls persuade me it's worth persisting with keeping it updated. This current incarnation of the site is centred around the blog posts which began back in 1999 as 'the daylog' and continued through my travels and tribulations during the following years.

I don't get out and about nearly as much these days, but I do try to record significant events and trips for posterity. You may also have arrived here by following the trail to my former music blog Songs Heard On Fast Trains. That content is preserved here too.

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