Posted in Railways on Sunday 15th August 2004 at 10:24pm

Another earlier start than perhaps I would have liked! Down to the station for the Torbay Express. Once again hauled by 60009 'Union of South Africa'. Hoping to get a better picture, but another very wet and overcast morning. Planned to take a quick shot and board the 0930 to Bristol. Typically, it didn't quite work out. Firstly the Torbay Express didn't arrive nearly as early as in previous weeks, however the Wessex units did. Normally this is a long string of stock moving from Exeter to Bristol, but today it was just a 150 and a 153, meaning that being in a good photographic spot would mean being a long way from the train. Since the train would get the road as soon as the Torbay Express cleared the junction, my plan wouldn't work! Boarded the train just as 60009 arrived, apparently in fine form! Large crowd waiting for the charter today, slightly less spectators no doubt due to the weather.

Had planned a quick wander up to Cheltenham - including a quick look at what was happening at Barton Hill, a wander around Temple Meads and finally getting me back to my parents place for a visit. Pleasant, quiet and uneventful trips. Not much of note happening.

After visiting, back on the train for a 'long way home' trip. Boarded a Penzance-bound unit as far as Taunton. Strange events on arrival. We arrived on the island platform 3 a little early - the only platform occupied. Next, there is some discussion between driver, guard and station staff. Then on a shunt signal, the unit left the station heading south. A couple of minutes later a Voyager passed on the platform 3 line at moderate speed. Another brief wait and the unit trundled back into view and called again at platform 3. The driver changed ends and it again left, for good this time! I should probably examine Quail Maps for any possible reason for this - very curious.

Home via a Voyager to Bristol and a rather packed 143620 back to Weston. Later, out to see the return steam service again - much too dark for pictures.

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