Posted in Railways on Saturday 31st July 2004 at 10:26pm

Another sort of vague and directionless, and also extremely hot, day - the problem is with Summer Saturdays and holiday specials, that there is a lot going on locally. I considered travelling further afield, but laziness and curiosity got the better of me once again, and out 'skipping' I went...

In an effort to get out earlier however, decided to try to get the Class 31s heading for Weymouth, for at least part of their journey, and as a result decided on a Wessex Rover. Out of Weston on the 0809 and onto the 0858 Weymouth as far as Bath, with 31128 leading and a respectable amount of racket as we went! Planned to stay on to Westbury but it became apparent that getting back for the next move would be impossible, so hopped off at Bath having just spotted a professional acquaintance on board too!

31128 at Bath Spa
31128 on 2O79 at Bath Spa

Back to Weston via nice cool First Great Western 180 in time for 67001 on 1E99. This was 67001's first outing for some time, having been out of service for around a year. Lucky to get it too, as it seems it later failed at Sandal & Agbrigg on the outskirts of Wakefield. Just a short hop to Bristol, but another 67 ticked off.

Lingered at Bristol to see the Virgin HST arrive, then off to Newport for a nose around and a spot of lunch. Not much doing at all - a single 66 on Godfrey Road in fact, so soon back heading for Bristol with a quick glance into Barton Hill where both a Class 73 and 5051 "Earl Bathurst" were present, the later for tomorrow's Kingswear trip. Watched the borrowed GNER HST pass by, before hopping onto 67014 on 1V19 heading back to Weston, and the inevitable photo call - producing one of my better efforts, which is reproduced below!

43111 at Bristol Temple Meads
43111 'Scone Palace' on 1E89 at Bristol Temple Meads

67014 at Weston-super-Mare
67014 on 1V19 at Weston-super-Mare

Used the rover to fund a quick visit to my parents in Highbridge, the return leg of which was delayed by a late running Virgin HST from Newquay which seemed to storm through at an incredible speed. Said goodbye to the guard at Weston, leaving him with a trainful of reasonably drunken passengers boarding for Bristol after a day in Weston. Normally, I get annoyed at guard's who do not check tickets during the journey. This one had my blessing!

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