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I agonised over the wisdom of posting a list like this. The drawbacks were of course very apparent - I open myself to accusations of whimsy or elitism with some of my choices, or I miss out something I really liked and realise too late. However, since 2010 is the year I've purchased more music than for any in the preceding decade, it feels important to mark the occasion. I've tried to list things I've listened to most - because that seems like a fair test of how much impact they've made. This does of course miss the acts which have released less music this year but have been very much on my list - honourable mentions to White Heath and French Wives for instance. Also, there are many others just outside the top twenty who I'd love to have included - but there have to be some self-imposed rules or these things would never work.

I make absolutely no apology that this list is largely of Scottish musicians. I've spend an inordinate amount of the last year north of the border on a variety of trips and missions, and this has left it's mark. Also, there is a genuinely supportive network of musicians in Scotland who, as one starts to explore, suggest and link to countless others. That this sprawling and sometimes incestuous network functions on a genuinely human scale is amazing and inspiring to me. Before I knew it, my old preferences for things Scottish had reawakened with a whole host of new talent. There are of course some remarkable artists from elsewhere around the world on the list. There is also an equally impressive network of Scottish blogs which serve this diverse scene - including Peenko, Aye Tunes and the truly inspiring Glasgow PodcART - all of which nurture and promote talent with fervour and humour.

I also make no apology about the downbeat, often acoustic bent of this selection. It's the kind of year it's been - and while there have been some fantastic released by louder or more electronic acts, they've just not achieved the place in my heart that these have.

So, here then are the things which have inspired, delighted and consoled me during the year. Wherever possible, I've tried to link them to a place where you can hear the music almost straight away and completely for free. This has sometimes meant using bands' Myspace pages - which are now rendered pretty horrible by the new platform, but at least allow access to the music. I hope there's something in here which others find equally entrancing...

  1. Meursault – All Creatures Will Make Merry
  2. Admiral Fallow – Boots Met My Face
  3. Burnt Island – Music and Maths EP
  4. Kid Canaveral – Shouting at Wildlife
  5. Randolph’s Leap – Battleships and Kettle Chips EP
  6. Timber Timbre – Timber Timbre
  7. eagleowl – Into the Fold EP
  8. Yusuf Azak – Turn On The Long Wire
  9. Thirty Pounds of Bone – Method
  10. The Scottish Enlightenment – St. Thomas
  11. Esperi – Made For Life/Snowman
  12. And So I Watch You From Afar – The Letters EP
  13. The Unwinding Hours – The Unwinding Hours
  14. I Build Collapsible Mountains – A Month of Lost Memories
  15. Endor – Endor
  16. The Last Battle – Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea
  17. Maple Leaves – Golden Ether EP
  18. The Savings and Loan – Today I Need Light
  19. Thous and Thees – Last Recordings EP
  20. Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou - Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou



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