Posted in Updates on Friday 19th July 2002 at 12:00am

Back to work. Felt slightly alienated after the past couple of days, but I suspect that was more to do with me than anyone else. Tried to work hard to catch up, with reasonable success. Pleasant run up to Bristol, coffee and then to the Highbury Vaults. Things become strange here - persuaded to go to a club which is not what it professes to be. However, its pretty amusing - despite being called on my attitude to other people 'having fun'. Decided to stay awake and read until the first train back. Amazing walk through Bristol at 5:30am.


Posted in Updates on Thursday 18th July 2002 at 12:00am

Realised I'm not the greatest tour guide - unless of course its pubs, toilets and derilict railway features you are after. A long, rather tiring walk around Bristol in varying degrees of heat. Route included St.Mary Redcliffe, the Cathedral, the Corn Exchange, Christmas Steps, Clifton Village and an abortive attempt at Wesley's Chapel. Made sure the route passed other places of interest. Not sure how well I conveyed things. Rather subdued thinking I could have done better.


Posted in Updates on Wednesday 17th July 2002 at 12:00am

Industrial Action. Started very early at the Town Hall, picketing both front and back entrances. Beautiful weather keeps everyone in a good humour, and as the day begins to get busy around us, lots of public support helps too. Our colleagues in the Canteen (unfortunately privatised and unable to strike today) keep us supplied. Surprising amounts of older people coming to pay bills etc. decide not to cross the picket line and come back tomorrow. Perhaps the people who receive the services value council staff more than the employers? Indulged in some Secondary Picketing at Heathfield, where I once worked. A friendly picket line there was practically a picnic. The office was closed except for the agreed emergency 'life and limb' cover, and the staff operating that reported lots of understanding and support from callers. There were one or two problems with Health employees who share the building failing to understand the picketing concept, but Mark (the Steward at Heathfield) dealt admirably with them. Back to the centre of town for a Rally at 1pm. We hear that the region has been solid - we've closed four schools with the assistance of colleagues in the NUT who've taken a huge risk by not crossing the lines. There is traffic chaos in Bristol, Bath and Swindon due to closed car parks and Park and Ride Schemes. I also hear that the Warne Road office and depot is closed by a T&GWU picket line! Inspiring stuff which keeps us going for the rest of the day. A large crowd assembles outside the Town Hall for the local press, and we hope to catch the Elected Members going in to a Committee Meeting. Sadly, it looks like most of them sneaked in during the rally. The Labour Group of councillors have decided not to cross the picket line however, and their leader comes to shake hands and offer support. The crowd attracts lots of attention and hoots of support from passing drivers, which gets everyone cheering. Wonderful moments. As people drift back to their own workplaces to keep the pickets going, we settle in at the back entrance to get the councillors on their way home. Its a long, tiring afternoon but spirits are kept high by Pat (our Branch Chair) and Jean from Home Care. We final close the lines with only a couple of cars left in the car park. A couple of pints and home for much needed rest. A happy, good-natured and inspiring day. There are pictures.


Posted in Updates on Tuesday 16th July 2002 at 12:00am

The simple fact is we're not working fast enough to hit our deadline. Spent today working stupidly fast due to this realisation, along with the fact that my disappearance for a couple of days will not improve my colleagues view of my dedication to business. Viewing tomorrow with a mixture of grave determination and nervous excitement. Flying visit to Bristol, back to Weston for meeting, decent food, then home videos. Exhausted already.



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