Posted in Updates on Sunday 10th February 2002 at 12:00am

A bot on said "MikeGTN is nothing but a culturally-unsound mound of contemptible pods.". How incredibly appropriate. Wasted a lot of time today, but did achieve a morning visit to Burnham and dealt with the early part of what will likely be a tide of paperwork as I thunder toward financial ruin. Reasonably good job opportunity arises. A bottle of the vodka containing gold flakes has finally been located!


Posted in Updates on Saturday 9th February 2002 at 12:00am

Woke up the household way too early today, and wandered around Bristol a bit - purchased a map of Brussels in preparation for next weekend and picked up a second-hand Philip Larkin novel for the journey. Lots of decent coffee for a change too, and a longer than planned wait at Temple Meads which I didn't mind since it's been a while since I frequented railway stations regularly. Missed Lord of the Rings on the radio though, which was regrettable.


Posted in Updates on Friday 8th February 2002 at 12:00am

A difficult day. Left the ex-Russell House team once again. Everyone was incredibly nice too, which made it very hard to leave. I suppose this left me feeling bitter towards work and work-related issues. Did a whole lot of loose-end tying today too. Tried to integrate with the real world a bit this evening, but ended up feeling old and tired, which is a bit sad. However, it was good to be out and about for a welcome change. Briefly (and suprisingly) met ex-colleague from the dark days, but was really not awake or focused enough to be very sociable by that time. Overall, I was probably kind of annoying today.


Posted in Updates on Wednesday 6th February 2002 at 12:00am

Worked quickly and effectively all morning - a rare event, and completely due to my wish to take the afternoon off. to make a rare trip to Bristol. Since the events of late 2000 this has usually meant quite a bit of discomfort and trepidation - but strangely, and happily, this time it wasn't like that. Had a very good time, and feel much better for getting out of Weston for the first time in a very long time. Realised after the Post Office closed that I really need to get my act together and purchase Euros. I also need to fill in some of the stack of job application forms which is amassing here.



I've had a home on the web for more years than I care to remember, and a few kind souls persuade me it's worth persisting with keeping it updated. This current incarnation of the site is centred around the blog posts which began back in 1999 as 'the daylog' and continued through my travels and tribulations during the following years.

I don't get out and about nearly as much these days, but I do try to record significant events and trips for posterity. You may also have arrived here by following the trail to my former music blog Songs Heard On Fast Trains. That content is preserved here too.

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