Posted in Railways on Monday 31st January 2005 at 11:57pm

First day of my now annual 'trying to use up annual leave' week, which traditionally seems to occur in February. Having planned ahead a little, was able to get reasonably cheap tickets for a trip to Crewe. Despite a promising start to the day, the sun disappeared around Bristol. Quick change onto a four-car Voyager which was booked for a five-car set, and a crowded and fractious run, with lots of angsty students refusing to pay. Surprise sighting of a convoy of five Virgin 57/3 Thunderbirds heading down the Trent Valley at Stafford.

Arrived at a damp, misty Crewe station. I've passed through a few times, but I think I'd probably not set foot on the station since 1999. Not much had changed, and the glass canopies were in even worse repair. Relived memories of the mainline Deltic workings - happy days! Explored a bit, got binoculars out for a look at the scrapline, then settled in to see what happened.

67005 'Queens Messenger' awaits the road
67005 'Queens Messenger' awaits the road

As most freight avoids Crewe via 'The Muck Hole', it was down to interesting passenger workings along with whatever arrived in the station. Started promisingly with 67005 visiting whilst shunting into the Carriage Shed. A similar move from the shed also produced a pair of DRS Class 20s and some track machinery.

20312 and 20302 at Crewe
20312 and 20302 at Crewe

EWS liveried 92031 leads a short convoy
EWS liveried 92031 leads a short convoy

Soon after we were treated to the sight of EWS liveried 92031 leading 90028 and 92027 into platform 12, shunting around and leaving once again. 47810 and 47840 also visited, with 'North Star' remaining on the station for the rest of the afternoon. A steady stream of Pendolinos and Voyagers throughout the day - including 221102 - my final sighting for the class. Too dingy for much more photography, and increasingly misty as the afternoon wore on. Just as I was giving up and heading for platform 1, 57304 passed heading south.

Despite the weather, the crowded journey up and aching knees, it was fantastic to get back to an old haunt which really hadn't changed too much.

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