Posted in Railways on Saturday 27th November 2004 at 6:59pm

The first week for a while where I haven't had somewhere specific to be at the weekend. It had been an odd week too - as ever, a rollercoaster at the office - so I hadn't really managed to sit down and work out what to do today. As it happened, there seemed to be quite a bit happening out on the rails not a million miles from here.

So, out onto the 0829 Voyager to Bristol. I'd bought a ticket for Newport with the intention of popping over to see what was happening later in the day. First though, was the departure of City of Truro on a one-way trip to Plymouth with the bonus of BR Green 37261 following close behind in case of problems. Arrived at Temple Meads to find 37261 in the bay having shunted the stock in. Finally, after some confusion City of Truro steamed in from the North to join the stock, which was then shunted around to platform 3 by both locomotives.

3440 City of Truro departs Bristol TM
3440 'City of Truro' departs Bristol Temple Meads

I'm still uncertain why passengers couldn't board the stock whilst it was in the bay. Soon after City of Truro's departure, the unmistakable sound of a Tractor from the other end of the trainshed heralded the coming of 37261, which passed at speed and stormed southwards with lots of noise and clag!

37261 heading light engine for Plymouth
37261 heading light engine for Plymouth as 0Z37

Next part of the plan was to head over to Newport, and hope to spot Wessex's newly formed three-car Class 158 en route - the first of eight such sets intended for the Cardiff-Portsmouth route. Easier said than done, as everything heading towards the tunnel was wedged solid. Finally settled for the 1120 Milford Haven service, which also filled to bursting point a minute before departure.

Not much of note at Newport, so after a quick look at Godfrey Road decided to head back on nicely refurbished 158749. Still no three-car 158, but noticed a convention of Freightliner 66's at Kingsland Road. Arrived back at Temple Meads in good time for the afternoon's main event - 73096 on the Cathedrals Express. Lots of familar faces out and about. Chatted to a few of them whilst waiting. 73096 suprised us by arriving slightly late on platform 7.

73096 arrives at Bristol Temple Meads
73096 arrives at Bristol Temple Meads

Lurked for a while longer, resisting the temptation to wander up to Barton Hill. With the sky darkening I decided to head back to Weston, feeling strangely sleepy. Refreshing to stay local after a few weeks of being busy elsewhere.

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