The Uxbridge Road: The Exorcism of Boris Johnson

Posted in London on 7th December 2019

I don't believe in magic. That said, there is a strain of mysticism which seems to synchronise with the practice of walking. The ancient lines which are inscribed in the land, though buried beneath asphalt and brick, are present for reasons we'll likely never entirely know. But sometimes they are...

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John Healy - The Metal Mountain

Posted in Reading on 8th November 2019

It's probably fair to say that I've read far more this year than for the last few. This is a strange situation for me: I've always had numerous books underway, piled haphazardly in different places and awaiting my attention. For the past several years though, life has been busy and...

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Gillian Darley - Excellent Essex

Posted in Reading on 22nd September 2019

Imagine being known only by your least appealing attributes... For most of us that's not a big speculative leap: there's a decidedly British ability to fall back on self-deprecation and we're all aware of those aspects of our character we regard as the least prepossessing. Often, of course, we're entirely...

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