Scouting for Turkeys: Enfield to Epping Forest

Posted in London on 7th July 2018

It was a faintly ridiculous proposition, but I am it must be said, a creature of habit... I'd long ago booked the journey to London for this walk - speculatively scooping up cheap rail tickets in advance knowing that I'd probably end up planning the walk hastily at the last...

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Escape Velocity

Posted in Travel on 2nd July 2018

We are heading out to Germany for a few days to meet friends and see a little of Europe before it gets more complicated to do so. On some of the hottest days of an already warm World Cup summer, travel would present a number of challenges - but today,...

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Risings on the Commons: A walk in the South Eastern quarter

Posted in London on 2nd June 2018

A sweaty clamber up from Honor Oak Park brought me to the top of One Tree Hill, and as the curtain of summer foliage parted Central London unravelled before me. Since the beginning of the ascent from the roadside near St. Augustine's Church I'd been mostly alone - with just...

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