The Fragments

Posted in The Fragments on 16th October 2022

When I walked dejectedly out of my office on 12th March 2020, I didn't realise that both personal and global change was afoot. We were approaching the end of a two-week-long regulatory inspection which hadn't gone well - there was a sense of growing unease, and leaders who wanted to...

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Back to the Black and Grey

Posted in Updates on 24th July 2020

Today I walked... I've read a lot these past months about the best intentions of others - to use the period of enforced retreat from society to learn a new skill, to change a long-entrenched habit, or to unclutter their life of unwanted people or things. For most of us...

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The Curse of the Curious: A Last Walk before Lockdown

Posted in London on 7th March 2020

Pre Amble I began writing about this walk during mid-April 2020. The UK is heading into the fourth week of 'lockdown' - a precarious moment when a review of these conditions suggested it wasn't yet time to relax them. The mood hovers between unexpectedly good-natured compliance and the growing sense...

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