A Solid Mass of Heaven: A Weekend in The Borderlands

Posted in Travel on 31st March 2019

The drive into Wales was fractious and slow. The motorway was mired in congestion and overwhelmed with traffic, so we slalomed across the map heading steadily westwards on a successively narrower corridor of minor roads, a routing which made me - the navigator - distinctly unpopular for a while. Skirting...

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London Ordinal: The A3 - Rocking the Anomaly

Posted in London on 2nd March 2019

I often write about being outside my comfort zone or having transgressed the boundaries which define my normal territory. In some ways, I've made a hobby out of challenging myself in terms of range and geography, however modestly. Today was different though - I really was in uncharted territory. This...

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London Ordinal: The A2 - A Spark In Your Veins

Posted in London on 2nd February 2019

I'll start at the end... I'm in the same coffee shop which I headed for at the end of my last walk. An old haunt, a staging post on the way back west after conferences in Bloomsbury or casing the City, worrying about appearing on too many CCTV feeds. I've...

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