The Flood Myth: Deluge in West Essex

Posted in London on 6th October 2018

I calculated I had until about midday... The forecast wasn't good, and as I sped eastwards under steely, unrelentingly grey skies, I doubted my calculations. I was eager to get walking too and I felt anxious to cross London swiftly, emerging on its eastern edge in a silvery gloom. The...

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Zealotry and Gentrification: An Alluvial Pilgrimage

Posted in London on 1st September 2018

Arrival in Erith did little to dispel the strange gloom I'd sensed about the place on my last, fleeting, Sunday afternoon visit. Back then I'd been content to assume it was shuttered and drab because of the malaise which descends on all British towns on the afternoon of the Sabbath,...

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Adverse Camber - The Book

Posted in A13 on 27th August 2018

UPDATE: You can now buy Adverse Camber on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Over the past couple of months, I've revisited the posts I wrote here about the incomplete A13 walk which I took back in 2015/16. They felt a little self-indulgent, but were in places interesting enough that I...

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