when knowing its GNOME2 isn't quite enough...

What is gnome-pkgview?

Currently, there is no easy way of determining which version of GNOME you are running. Its a common question on IRC and on mailing lists. This makes the task of debugging and providing support more difficult for those who try to help out. This little application provides a couple of useful pieces of information:

Desktop Version

Firstly, gnome-pkgview displays the overall desktop version. This is currently tucked away in a file called gnome-version.xml which is part of the gnome-desktop package.

Library Versions

The frequent answer to the question 'what version of GNOME am I running?' is 'there is no single version, it depends on the libraries'. So gnome-pkgview attempts to find installed desktop components via pkg-config's .pc files. It extracts the name, version, prefix and a short description of each package it finds.

gnome-pkgview's main window


Currently version 1.0.7 (Portsoken), released on 14th August 2005 is the latest version of gnome-pkgview.

.tar.gz gzipped source code (214kB) .tar.bz2 bz2 compressed source code (190kB)

CVS access

gnome-pkgview is now in GNOME CVS. You can gain anonymous read-only access by doing the following:

cvs -d '' login

Press return when prompted for a password.

cvs -d '' co gnome-pkgview

Help Needed

I'd love to get gnome-pkgview as widely translated as possible. It has only a very small set of strings to translate and shouldn't take too much time.

Potential translators should contact me, or just grab the source and start working